Bring Microtransit to Your City Webinar Registration

September 23, 2020

Featured Speakers from SHARE Mobility:

Ryan McManus, CEO
Chris Gaile, Director of Operations

Your city has a transportation problem. People that need to get to work, school, or healthcare are struggling to find transportation for the trips they take the most. Microtransit is a new type of transportation that fills a gap between the bus and ride-sharing. During this webinar, you will learn about the opportunity to partner with SHARE Mobility to bring microtransit to your city. We will tell you how microtransit works with public transit and how it will unlock new types of customers that are buying transportation for groups.

You can start a new microtransit service in less than 30 days. Join forward thinking transportation leaders to discuss how microtransit can grow your business and solve your cities transportation problem.

You will learn:

  • what organizations are buying microtransit services

  • how to increase your fleet’s utilization with microtransit

  • how microtransit works with public transit to solve the first-and-last mile problem

Webinar Registration