Automated and intelligent software for transportation operators.

We created tools for transportation operators to become mobility companies. Find new customers and improve operational efficiency.


The all-in-one solution for Maas.

What Businesses Need

We built software that makes it easy to start and manage a mobility program with alternative transportation options people need.

Smart Routing

Our automated routing engine reduces miles traveled while increasing shared rides. We achieve 5x more passengers vs On-Demand ride-sharing.

Flexibility is in our DNA

We built software that gives organizations and operators the tools to design data-driven mobility programs that work.

Riders Love Sharing

SHARE Mobility gives organizations a unique benefit that helps improve access to your location with a new way to commute.

Program Controls

Invite members and decide when and where your mobility programs will be available. Control costs and set rules for sharing rides.

Rider Scheduling

SHARE Mobility features the most advanced scheduling technology to optimize the ride assignment and routing for large groups of riders. We designed the platform to work for any rider and organizations get multiple options for rider bookings.

SHARE Mobility for Riders is available for app for web, iOS, and Android.

Mobility Membership

MaaS programs can be public or private . Set the rules for members, send invitations, and provide access to paid or discounted transportation benefits.

For rides, like employee commuting, SHARE Mobility can be a qualified pre-tax benefit.

Impact Analytics

We start by using the data you have to identify opportunities for savings. Measure the performance of your mobility program and see how much you are saving.

Software for operators to manage mobility as a service

Mobility-as-a-service software for operators, built by operators. Get all the tools you need to offer mobility-as-a-service.

SHARE Mobility MaaS Dispatch

SHARE Mobility's Benefits

Discover why forward-thinking organizations are using SHARE Mobility for MaaS

Use one system to manage all of the transportation programs for your organization or community. 

Companies use SHARE to provide employees with pre-tax eligible transportation programs that reduce the cost of commuting. 

SHARE Mobility riders take 5x more trips per month than other on-demand services because they can plan ahead and have a guaranteed ride.

Extend transit access with first-and-last mile ride services that improve access to jobs, education, and healthcare. 

Integrated telematics provides real-time safety tracking for operators and organizations to track driver performance.

SHARE Mobility riders take 5x more trips per month than other on-demand services because they can plan ahead and have a guaranteed ride. 

Activate any mode of mobility, from scheduled Microtransit to On-Demand ride sharing and use the mode of mobility that fits your budget and needs.

Give employees an alternative to driving and reduce your needs for parking that can save organizations thousands of dollars per employee, each year.