Transportation Benefits for Your Organization

A central point of control for organizations to manage Mobility-as-a-Service (Maas).


Pay as you go plan for organizations that need transportation with flexible options to get started with MaaS.
$ 0 no committment plan
  • Free Basic Account
  • Plan designed for Small Employers, Specialty Schools, Senior Living communities and non-profits
  • Plan and launch MaaS Programs in as few as 14 days.
  • Access to SHARE Mobility operators for microtransit and on-demand ride requests
  • Route Optimization for up to 100 ride requests.
  • live agents for phone and chat support.
  • Mobile app for riders (iOS & Android)
  • ...and more free features to help your organization get started with MaaS


For organizations that want to control their transportation benefits programs.
$ 125 monthly plans from
  • Month-to-Month
  • Designed for small to large employers, Healthcare providers, and universities with one location
  • Control cost sharing with riders
  • MaaS Expert On-boarding support
  • Routing Optimization for up to 1,000 ride requests
  • Unlimited Rider Profiles
  • Volume discounts for hourly rates anywhere in the U.S.
  • Payroll integration for pre-tax mobility benefitscommuter
  • Advanced reporting & destination analytics


For large organizations, cities, and transit agencies that have multiple locations and organizations.
$ 2,500 monthly plans from
  • Lowest hourly rates anywhere in the U.S.
  • Designed for Cities, municipalities, Large employers, senior services, cities, municipalities, and transit agencies
  • 12 Month Agreement
  • Launch up to 10 locations in 30 days
  • Branded Web App for ride requests
  • 24/7 Live agents for phone and chat requests
  • Control membership rules for multiple organizations
  • Option for white label Mobile app for riders (iOS & Android)

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