At SHARE Mobility, we make transportation
that gets people to work safely and sustainably.

A Vision for Better Transportation

SHARE Mobility was founded with the belief that one day everyone will be a passenger. Today, we are serving those who are always passengers by working with companies to create sponsored transportation services. 

Our mission is to be the safest and most sustainable transportation solutions for companies to get their employees to work.

Designed for Commuters

We started operating transportation services 2017 and since then, we have travelled over a million miles to get people to work. We used this data to build a smart and efficient solution for commuters that meets the requirements of global enterprise companies

From the vehicles and drivers to the routing algorithms that ensure on-time arrival, we have designed a commuter transportation service that can work for companies in rural and urban areas. 

SHARE Mobility is a technology company based in Columbus, OH and we help organizations solve complex transportation problems. Our technology consists of a dispatch/agent platform, web based rider booking application, and a driver application.