Mobility solutions for

Disability Services Organizations

The people you serve are always passengers. We help you spend less time managing transportation so you can focus on serving individuals with disabilities. With SHARE Mobility, every mode is accessible to every individual. Our software considers your organization's requirements, funder requirements, and rider requirements to deliver the safest and most efficient mobility-as-a-service solution. We also designed features for caregivers because we know how much they do and we want to help them by making it easy to plan and use shared mobility services.

Development Disabilities Services organizations that manage transportation can get significant cost savings when using SHARE Mobility to coordinate rides.

We work with developmental disabilities organizations to determine the needs, set budgets, design mobility services, and support day-to-day operations.

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Solution: Dynamic Mobility-as-a-Service

We believe that transportation should be inclusive. We know it has not been that way in the past. Our team is experienced in helping organizations that serve individuals with development disabilities. We work with stakeholders, including caregivers, service providers, and operators, to develop an efficient and flexible mobility-as-a-service solution.

Organizations can use SHARE Mobility to create dynamic mobility-as-a-service programs that function like on-demand ride-sharing, but with fleet vehicles. We enable organizations to use their own vehicles or they can utilize SHARE Mobility partners for turnkey mobility-as-a-service.

SHARE Mobility is a solution for organizations that service individuals with developmental disabilities that want to implement dynamic, demand-based transportation.

Modes we recommend for development disabilities organizations

Organizations can use SHARE Mobility to design, launch, and manage mobility programs for individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • On-Demand Ride-Sharing

    We give organizations the tools to launch an app-based ride-sharing program . How far in advance do rides need to be scheduled? This is configurable. Organizations can offer on-demand ride-sharing options that are instant or require advanced booking.

  • Scheduled Microtransit

    Microtransit is a new form of transportation that functions like the bus, but instead of fixed routes, vehicles are routed to virtual bus stops based on scheduled demand. This reduces vehicle requirements by up to 90% vs instant on-demand ride-hailing. AKA "Flex Routes".

  • First and Last Mile Connector for Public Transit

    We integrate GTFS to automatically provide rides with options to plan and ride public transit. Organizations use SHARE Mobility to extend transit lines and provide last-mile connections from bus-stop to final destination.

  • Fixed Route

    Set stops, times, and availability for fixed route transportation services. Utilize this mode for high-frequency, high-capacity routes and increase efficiency by combining other modes.

  • Hybrid Shared Mobility

    We created the most efficient way to provide transportation that automatically creates options based on the riders distance from the destination. We combine door-to-door and flex routes

Analytics Dashboard to Highlight the Performance and Benefits of Shared Mobility for DD Providers

We connect data streams for organizations to produce real-time dashboards that can be published and used for reporting to stakeholders, funders, and families.

Analytics Dashboards include:

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