The Cost of Turnover

Turnover is expensive. But just how much is it costing your organization? Use our calculator below to learn the cost.

  • Salary of the departing employee
  • Average number of days between decision to leave and resignation letter submission
  • Average output in dollars for an employee in this function
  • Average number of days position remains vacant
  • Hourly rate of compensating employees/managers
  • Number of hours re-allocated to covering employee’s workload
  • Hourly rate of the specialist/manager
  • Average number of hours spent on sourcing/screening scheduling
  • Cost of advertising the position and any employee referral bonus
  • Hourly rate of Directors, VPs conducting secondary interviews
  • Number of hours executive spend on secondary interviews
  • Vendor cost of conducting background checks
  • Vendor cost of conducting domestic credential verifications
  • Vendor cost of conducting international credential verifications
  • Hourly rate of training managers
  • Average time spent on training by hiring managers
  • Number of weeks it takes to get to full productivity
  • Hourly rate of the new employee