Find your ride to vote 2020

Participating in the election by casting your vote is essential to our country and how our government is run. Many don’t realize the importance of voting or that not too long ago that the right to vote wasn’t a privilege for everyone in our country. Participating in elections is one of the key freedoms of The United States of America.

Every vote counts, take into account one of the closest elections in U.S. history, Al Gore Vs George W Bush in 2000. Bush had won the popular vote in Florida by such a small margin that an automatic recount was triggered, and a supreme court case (Bush Vs Gore).  Bush won Florida by 0.0009% of the votes cast in the state or 537 votes.  If 600 more voters had gone to the polls to vote for Gore we may very well have had a different president 2000-2008.

Today many voters don’t participate in the election because they don’t believe their vote will make a difference. As shown in my example of the 2000 election that it very well does matter and count. Another reason is mainly because they just simply have no means to get to their polls to cast their votes. But with so many transportation options available to us and with so many of those offering free services day of the election there really isn’t reason not to go to your local polls and cast your vote.  Now I know what you’re thinking. “But I don’t know who is offering free transportation services.” And with that I present to you a list of transportation options.

The Dublin Connector is providing rides for the seniors at senior centers to and from the voting polls. Each center is will be provided rides for 2 hours.
For more information call
Right now, all COTA Bus routes are free due to the pandemic. Which means that you can hop on and hop off to go cast your vote without spending a dime. You can plan your route using the COTA website here.
Community Development for All People is offering rides for residents in the 43205, 43206, and 43207 zip codes, and you can call 614-445-7342 or message them on social media for more information.
Columbus Stand Up is offering free rides to the polls for early voters and they’re also looking for drivers. If you’d like to grab or give a ride
RTA will be offering FREE rides Election Day
Voter Driver 
Souls to the Polls will be providing rides to the seniors of Cuyahoga County 
The Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative is a nonpartisan group that works with over 55 partner organizations. There are more than 50 volunteer drivers ready to respond to texts or calls.  You can schedule a time by texting “RIDE2020” to 797979 or calling 513-204-9743
Judah Elite Travel and Transportation is offering free rides to schedule a ride call 615-939-1416   
The NAACP will begin offering rides from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They also need volunteers to take people. If you are interested, call 901-521-1343.
The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America says it will be deploying a fleet of 100 vans to bring people to polling places
NACA is calling it a “Roll to the Polls” campaign. Rides can be arranged by clicking on the link  or simply calling the group at 888-495-6222.
You can get one free Lime scooter ride (up to 30 minutes) using promo code LIME2VOTE18
Atlanta’s bike share system is offering discounted rides to the polls. Use the promo code Vote2018 for a $3.50 account credit, valid for both new and existing Relay accounts.
Willie A Watkins  funeral home is offering free “Roll to the Polls” limousine rides from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call one of their locations in West End (404-758-1731), Douglasville (770-489-6751), Lithonia (770-482-2376), Carrollton (770-836-0044), and Riverdale (770-909-8800) to request a ride.
Erika Brown & Associates is offering free rides to the polls at the following west Atlanta locations: West Hunter Street Baptist Church, Grove Park Recreation Center, Lindsay Street Baptist Church, Tuskegee Airman Global Academy Elementary School, Booker T. Washington High School, and the Joseph D. McGhee Tennis Center. To reserve a ride, call 470-869-2439 or fill out this online form.
According to a spokesperson for Georgia Democrats, you can call 1-888-730-5816 or text “RideGA” to 9779 to request a free ride to the polls.
Carpool Vote matches those in need of a ride with volunteer drivers, and does list services available in metro Atlanta. Call 804-424-5335.
Lyft and Uber are offering discounted rides to and from polls. To get the links scroll down
Lyft and Uber are giving rides. To get the links scroll down 
Go Vote Indy is offering rides. Reserve your ride  by Saturday, October 31st. Click here to sign up for a FREE ride to the polls. 
RideShare to Vote is offering FREE rides. Request a ride here
Here is all the information you will need based off of you specific county to receive rides to the voting polls. Click this link 
Rides to the Dallas Polls 
Rides to the Austin Polls

San Antonio   
Rides to the San Antonio Polls
Metro is offering free rides to the polls on all its light rail trains and local buses as well as the METROLift buses.
Rides to Houston Polls 
Lyft’s information on rides for election day
Uber’s information on rides for election day

We implore you to exercise your right to vote.  With your vote you help determine who will be running our great nation for the next four years. 

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